BMW S 1000 RR — KBB Motorcycle Review

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29 Responses

  1. TheRaphaelortiz says:


  2. quwers says:

    @cames2222 zx10r is the ninja you fool.

  3. jipi0001 says:

    i wonder what it is like to ride with all the assists? my bike has none and i love it, my car has ABS and i just have to find a way to disable it lol

  4. CBRR1DER says:

    Awesome video! Come check out my channel im a motorcycle Vlogger from Australia 🙂

  5. RAD6324 says:

    Awesome thanks KBB

  6. Ryknfjor says:

    i love when every single dumbass tries to sell their bike at the ‘retail value’
    What they dont understand is the bike HAS TO BE FOR SALE AT A DEALERSHIP FOR IT TO BE ‘RETAIL’!!!
    There should be a ‘selling genre’ for single party sellers

  7. TheNinjaCowboys says:

    1:22 “no one man should have all that power” – kayne west

  8. MrBooster999 says:

    More weed wackers

  9. TheCarVlogger says:

    BMW, please make a s 600 rr for more beginner and road riders.

  10. smallFISHhugeSEA says:

    Great review! What’s the range of the fuel tank with normal riding?

  11. skinnbone260 says:

    great reveiw… and if anyone disagrees with the true specs, and performance of this bike….. well… im not going to say anything because i dont like arguments on youtube…

  12. fsvinnie22 says:

    I just got my first bike this summer which is a Honda cbr600rr. I love it but, once I am done with college, I might get this :-). Hopefully I can find a job after college :-).

  13. TheSuperMotoHooligan says:

    stick to cars…..or helicopters…kidding.

  14. mooda4208 says:

    @D3industry toytota yaris GTR

  15. D3industry says:

    Any recommended car for a fresh college student? Preferably a sporty and good looking car.

  16. kamenwaticlients says:

    This was really fun and exciting to watch. Keep it up.

  17. iTziLLUMY says:

    Nice review

  18. puffrooster says:

    nice bike, good review…

  19. kenbrinkman says:

    I’ve never been into bikes before, but this video makes me definitely interested. Great job

  20. edmaluf says:

    Excellent KBB. Keep on making Bike Videos. And don’t worry. None of the car enthusiasts are going to stop watching the car reviews. We are just going to watch both.

  21. djkasdjkasdjdjdj says:

    nice,,kbb now has bike review..awesome…show the yamaha R6!!!

  22. nexorabolis says:

    @micahmuzio Hey, you actually read these comments lol. No problem, Im a fan of all your reviews. I personally think you’ve got the best job in the world; im another kid hoping someday some one will toss ME the keys to a dodge viper haha

  23. stud101z says:

    i think the bike would have been more pretty if the headlights looked the same … Awesome bike nevertheless.

  24. micahmuzio says:

    Thanks for the praise @nexorabolis . I truly appreciate it.

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