Samurai 250cc Air Cooled Motorcycle Review –

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  1. CountyImportsdotCom says:

    @zunit128 – top speed is approx 80+ based on weight it can reach higher downhill. =-)

  2. Lillocox4 says:

    Im 5.7 I think I will buy the 250 GTR next week I just want to knw if it’s a good bike start with?? New to this hobby! Thanks!!

  3. zunit128 says:

    whats the top speed?

  4. seetroo says:

    question, i see some of these 250cc bikes rated at 60(+-) depending on riders weight, road conditions, and the 150cc rated the same, im about your weight and size, what is an average max speed you have gotten on this model?

  5. BlackMMF says:

    Can have the engine on n running and also have the lights off ????

  6. KoreanBCE says:

    666 miles on it LOL

  7. wwjoshdew says:

    I don’t have a motorcyle, and I REALLY want one! I drive 20 miles to work and I get 20 miles to the gallon in my Ranger. And my wife says I will kill myself if I get something like a crotch rocket. So she might let me get this! And I need something good on gas! Plus 1,999 dollars is NOT bad! Well, for a new bike that can go on the interstate and is normal sized.

  8. frankieboie says:

    Has anyone seen any reviews? OEM?

  9. spartanturtle333 says:

    Nice !

  10. GKLxKANxForever says:

    im thinking of using this as a first bike. would this be good enough for me, how reliable is this bike if i tend to rev hard?

  11. LostHemingway says:

    Nice looking bike. I’m wanting to get a first motorcycle, never had one before. I’m 6’2” and 190 lbs, seems like this bike is a good fit, especially since I only want to get a 250cc. Too bad I’m living in Taiwan, I need to see what options are out here.

  12. Wootguy238 says:

    I’m 17 and looking for a cheap (most likely used) 250cc motorcycle to learn on. I really like this bike! It seems like a great starter bike, and is pretty darn cheap. I was wondering if you had any used models? Or used bikes in the 250cc range similar to this one? I want a used bike so I can learn and mess around on it and not worry about the paint and whatnot. Any help is much appreciated, thanks!


  13. g2uwiz says:

    what kind of rear suspension on this bike?

  14. CountyImportsdotCom says:

    @daikiryoku – This bike does have dual kick stands and it does have dual piston calipers but leave it to the nice folks on youtube to not watch closely and see. Rude comments folks from people who obviously know nothing about this bike. Hey, look closely, youll see one kickstand.. ohh and there is another. Its called a main stand. But you knew that right?

  15. richboy12012 says:

    Are these bikes available in NC or VA?, What price do they usually go for?, Do you need a motorcycle license?

  16. daikiryoku says:

    lol, u obviously know nothing about this bike… or bikes in general…

    “Dual caliper pistons” – lol
    “two kick stands” – lol

  17. hima91119 says:

    @CountyImportsdotCom yeaah i found it but sir the only 250 race motorcycle i found on the website was the 250 GTR 250cc Motorcycle which i found is better than the one in the video but the video that is shown for that one it gets a diffrent motorcycle for the view which confuses me and i really need some assistance because im buying one this week and i wanna make the right choice from the right company!

  18. CountyImportsdotCom says:

    @hima91119 – The price is approx $1999 with FREE SHIPPING.

  19. CountyImportsdotCom says:

    @rene495 – Located in the description is the link to our site where we offer this bike.

  20. CountyImportsdotCom says:

    @hima91119 – The link to this Motorcycle is located now in the description of this video. we do have this and it is a manual transmission.

  21. hima91119 says:

    heyy i have a question i was on your website and i couldnt find it and i wanna know how will it cost please reply soon! i saw a similar one in another dealership i guess scooter deport us but they have it automatic i want it a manual transmission !!

  22. hima91119 says:

    heyy i have a question i was on your website and i couldnt find it and i wanna know how will it cost please reply soon!

  23. CountyImportsdotCom says:

    @massacreman69 – Age will depend on your state. Some states let motocycles on the road at age 15 I believe. We’ve listed every DMV website on our main website in the description under the FAQ page on our site.

  24. CountyImportsdotCom says:

    @jscott76067 – Its a 250cc engine with a manual transmission. I can get a 250cc automatic scooter to 85. Just fyi. we offer a return policy just in case! =-)

  25. CountyImportsdotCom says:

    @GibsonLesFat – No you’ll fit just fine on the 250cc. Its ok up to 6’6.

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