Motorbike Drifts, Powerslides and Stuff – MotoGp Superbike sliding etc

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  1. wbooker10 says:

    why isn’t motobrike racing big .

  2. swillia6rider says:

    Nice video, great riding!

  3. chantmayer says:

    fantastic. loved it thank you!

  4. hzuiel says:

    Riding like that in the rain…holy crap.

  5. WizzRacing says:

    Once the racers realized power sliding helped keep your tires cooler and they didn’t wear as much it was all over. I remember Kenny Robert saying he figured it out and never told anybody.

    I think Gary McCoy doing it everywhere people started sneaking looks at his tires. They started to notice his tire wear.

  6. Sm0kedXyourXmum says:

    Can someone please tell me the name of this song?? Thanks!

  7. dragunknee says:

    love the video. never heard the song. like it,but i played panteras domination right at the star and it synched almost perfectly. try it, it works well with the video

  8. unknown8691 says:

    lol @ 4:30. 500cc <3

  9. MusicIsArt96 says:

    at min :2;52 marco melandri at the best

  10. MetricHotrodsdotcom says:

    @kishanW yea that melandri one handed smoking powerslide is hands down the best thing ever done on a motorcycle, on asphalt at least.

  11. kishanW says:

    2:50 awesomeness! LOL

  12. RDIGlobal says:

    Paddock girl gives tour of military tanks

  13. 133maxiboy says:

    2:53 Fuckyea

  14. j4m35ac says:

    because anyone who rides a motobike is just waay too cool

  15. nine4teen says:

    Good music for even better footage. Thanks man.

  16. winterstellar says:

    Hey, what’s up with the supergay music?? Who is it, Justin Bieber? : (

  17. VaporSuperflyII says:

    @sanatarium1111111 shut up. he is right

  18. MetricHotrodsdotcom says:

    I’m talking rubbish? the GPS is what controls the TC. the ignition, using the GPS, knows where on the track the bike is. the front straight or the chicanes, whatever it may be. the only rubbish is between your keyboard and your chair. speaking of keyboard, i think thats the only thing you ride. a keyboard. have a phenomenal day. i dont understand why people are so confrontational on youtube, and 90% of the time, completely fucking wrong.

  19. Aarontheshredder says:


  20. Aarontheshredder says:

    top blokes in this video, kevin schwantz34, Sete gibernau15, nicky hayden69, valentino rossi46, ryuichi kyonari 23, chris vermeulen 17

  21. Aarontheshredder says:

    @MetricHotrodsdotcom YOUR TALKING RUBBISH. its about tc and electronics the riders dont just back of bacause theyre scared its because the tc kicks in or whatever, because going straight is faster. the riders set it up differnt just look at casey stoner, he gets it sliding in the race. AND GPS are you a frigin moron, GPS doesnt help the rider lol. dont critisize what you cant even comprehend to understand, if you wanna see sliding i suggest you watch the casey stoner 1000fps on youtube

  22. twiggy7275 says:

    @Schinanigans sure can bud…if u look again at both bikes,they have the same layout..thats because they were both V4 two strokes,the front 2 cylinders exit in the normal route under the engine then out to the side,the rear 2 cylinders exit backwards thru the frame and out under the seat as its the easiest/shortest route for them.

  23. busaj says:

    Why is it that this is so much cooler than car drifting?! There is something just so elegant about a slide out of the pursuit of speed rather than a slide for sliding’s sake. Drifting just can’t compare. It’s like the difference between a power wheelie and a clutch up, pure power and speed will always win! Thanks so much for the compilation. Engine noises would add a huge amount, but I’m sure that was next to impossible with the clips.

  24. MetricHotrodsdotcom says:

    @Aarontheshredder at the end of the day, they are old because old bikes slid. new bikes don’t. unless its the first practice session and the GPS isn’t set up, and someone spins a wheel and backs off. not taking anything away from the current crop but they sure as HELL arent Wayne Rainey, Kevin Schwantz, Mick Doohan, or Randy Momola.

  25. MetricHotrodsdotcom says:

    @Schinanigans those are V4 TWO STROKES. 200whp men’s bikes, with no traction control, pre-02 motogp when it was the “500cc world championship”

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