IAM Rider Doing own Commentary 20 minute Run

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  1. advancedbiker says:

    @ridernew19 Thought thank aswell. We discussed it on debrief.

  2. ridernew19 says:

    found this interesting thanks for uploading. The only thing that stood out was sometimes close to oncoming cars, I tend to move away abit more.

  3. jimbo80982 says:

    @advancedbiker this guy was pretty close to the white line going round a bend early on in the video , i would have thought that would be dangerous because there wouldnt be alot of room for movement if something went wrong.

    on a completely seperate subject , why is it that every rider i see in your vids has panniers? surely its not a coincidence!

  4. damagedron says:

    Really good vid and comms, excellent for advanced advanced.

  5. advancedbiker says:

    @pjw77uk1 Thanks for the feedback, very much appreciated. Getting harder to think of what to put upon Youtube !!

  6. pjw77uk1 says:

    Great commentary Simon. This is something I have difficulty with as I find myself talking about what’s past rather than what’s ahead. I think I might just tag this video for my club website as an example of good practice.

    The video is also a good example of the Observer’s positioning too and the length of the video lets you see it in it’s full context – something shorter clips doesn’t really show. Nice one Nigel.

  7. patrickcbf says:

    bit close to the centre at 8:05… pannier is over the line as the car passes, but his commentary is great

  8. MultiOutdoorman says:

    Hey, Nigel.
    Thanks for yesterdays ride-out, it really helped having your feedback ( complimentary 🙂 )and i found your advice very useful.
    We, as bikers should never feel complacent or over-confident about our level of competency – no matter how much training we’ve had.
    There’s something to gain EVERY time we go for a ride, don’t you agree?
    I look forward to another day enjoying your route-planning, vast experience, skilled approach and observational input!
    Thanks again ;-]

  9. pulse0000 says:

    Nothing like the country air after the fields have been freshly fertilized.

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