Sport Bikes Wake up Las Vegas

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28 Responses

  1. Bobster675 says:

    Your thumbs up percentage is 97 lol

  2. katie16522 says:

    i love your videos!!!!!

  3. keyblades2 says:

    Zmagic I LOVE YOUR BIKE I wish they still made them so I could get a used one fairly cheap.

  4. ZMagic97 says:

    @skateboarder85205 3 Blocks by Sekshun 8

  5. skateboarder85205 says:

    whats the song at the end? ive tried finding it but cant, sounds familiar, thanks

  6. chedder1154 says:

    that was actualy a very entertaining video thanks for posting that for once it actualy wasnt a waste of my life

  7. grizzly168 says:

    I noticed as u was recording from ur helmet and u turned on ur gopro and u was able to record from 2 angles….. How did u do that?

  8. b3astieboi2 says:

    no one really lives in the city, so every one has a car,

  9. breethwithme says:

    ha ha the cops understanding wtf! they dont care about you they just want your money for revenue thats it nothing more nothing less. it isn’t serve and protect anymore its take and screw nowa days. i havnt met a good cop in 10 years. it must suck having a job where people are constantly afraid of you when your supposed to be respected for what you do. shit when a cop gets behind me i pull off cause its just a ticket waiting to happen.

  10. futuref22pilot says:

    1:37…story of my LIFE! nothing to do here….

  11. billyray3761 says:

    Who is the music by at the end?

  12. billyray3761 says:

    Music by? Cool ride.

  13. oCannabusdriver says:

    @ZMagic97 cant agree more! ive always gotten compliments on both! funny thing is when i went to the international bike show in nyc and started chatting with all the diff manufacturer peeps, they all said the f4i is a GREAT bike, and i emphasize that because they did lol… made me smile quite a bit. just waiting on this snow to melt so i can smile ear to ear…

  14. warezvz says:

    @ZMagic97 ha ha ha i just want you to know that it was a joke i dont have anything against jeff

  15. supersayin1 says:

    @ZMagic97 You’re welcome!

  16. airsoftrifleman says:

    Lol great video, Z group rides are the best! stay safe!

  17. ZMagic97 says:

    @havedogwillscooter That is correct good sir! Never let your guard down around a clown.

  18. havedogwillscooter says:

    clowns are evilllllllll!!!!

  19. ZMagic97 says:

    @DarkFlight600 This is true, and something I keep in my especially since Jeff likes speeding in residential areas for some reason.

  20. ZMagic97 says:

    @burtonrider316 Good call! You won’t be disappointed.

  21. ZMagic97 says:

    @ashf00t That’s right! haha

  22. ZMagic97 says:

    @aric126 Yeah, production stopped in 06. They just released a similar bike to the F4i in Europe though…may make it’;s way here someday.

  23. ZMagic97 says:

    @warezvz Oh, you’re terrible πŸ˜›

  24. ZMagic97 says:

    @OoxTruExoO Haha, it’s pretty hard for me to accept being stuck behind the group somewhere.

  25. ZMagic97 says:

    @oCannabusdriver Love that bike! And the Timax gloves are the best!

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