Southwest Police Motorcycle Training & Competition Winner 08

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25 Responses

  1. BenjaminBoys97 says:

    4 people were just given a ticket by this guy for reckless driving…

  2. campbellj0330 says:

    So killer

  3. altafhssn14 says:

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  4. dbc1dc says:

    The Japanese cops would run rings around these guys.

  5. RidingYamaha47 says:

    BMW RT-1200 is FTW.

  6. gigololounging says:

    Dorky. Let’s see what he can do on a track.

  7. GotChocolateMiIk says:

    ahahah wtf is he gonna do with the motorcycle? pit maneuver ? or he can catch people on foot running thru fances.

  8. livethejourney1 says:

    wow. maybe every rider needs to go to the police riding school. that’s hardcore.

  9. jacobsdaddy100 says:

    Lets hope this guy never ends up behind me, because I don’t think I’m getting away… LOL!

  10. EliteOps1 says:

    its german engineer

  11. JoshTilley121 says:

    That was brilliant!

  12. dinosoreis1 says:

    I haven’t always had good experiences with cops but I got to say this guy can ride! Someone needs to put this guy on a trails bike and see what he could do with some time and practice. Way to go dude!

  13. P3t3rG1 says:

    Not bad, but with only left hand would be much better.

  14. Jsouthwell2006 says:

    @policemotor i couldnt even ride a regular bike like that lol

  15. titatato1 says:

    esto si es manejar

  16. dianerathry says:

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  17. djlolypop says:

    if i had a semi truck full of cones i would do this every day for 1 week then next week change it to make it more harder

  18. xjFrank says:

    outstanding low-speed control! good job to him and the trainers

  19. jabusky says:

    wow so many haters

  20. redwingryders says:

    Thanks steve, I have better stuff posted on streetfire. (less crybabys) check out GSXR Vs. 999 It makes me look SLOW! I actually was chased by a cop on BMW a few miles from that location. As you can imagine from my vid, it was bacon served extra crispy! Good thing there werent cones or else I would of been in trouble I guess? LOL Rride within your limits and get a flipper plate, I haven’t actually pulled over since 05! But honestly am pretty much track only since 09. Rubber side down mate

  21. 2wheelsteve says:

    @redwingryders Whats this T-bone thing your talking about, liked your ride mate

  22. LATWTVART says:

    My hero !!!!!!!!!!!

  23. hang5150on says:

    welcome to the jungle…….

  24. samihasib says:

    ” andrew has 2 kids both daughters ” – what is the poing of saying this ?

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