Advanced Motorcycle Training Demo

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33 Responses

  1. bbgaz68 says:

    where can i get this from …..

  2. sumncguy says:

    This is great training man !! Free ride along, thats valuable.

  3. pauljb07 says:

    I feel like I’m listening to your thoughts.

  4. BlackFlag94 says:

    I think I need to do one of these courses… I don’t do half of what he was doing

  5. mercylessx says:

    nice i liked it good observation

  6. looneyirish says:

    legend vid

  7. youpipe555 says:

    Thanks dude! It’s always helpful!

  8. motorbikemikes says:

    Wow the helmet cam is a great addition to the learning exercise! Next time I’m in the UK I’d love to visit the roundabouts, and get some experience riding on the left side of the road!

  9. irishyetiboy says:

    Fantastic stuff, where is this dvd available??

  10. ShooterMaGavin says:


  11. cosybike says:

    Re the Roundabout – He checked right on his approach, then left, then right again.
    The speech is a little behind the video obviously. It’s subtle, and its hard to talk that fast!
    If you can’t see it, you are not planning far enough ahead. Watch again but do the commentary yourself.

    Americans, Its a british road – It’s not wide enough to have the nearside too full of oily crap. But we have plenty repairs and potholes. They can be anywhere!

  12. ghostrider2326 says:

    i am not a you tube knob who wants to slag every vid but surly sitting that far next to the curb is not the way to ride??????? as that’s where all the pot holes and crap are plus im sure any rider can do that vid.

  13. baskie2000 says:

    isnt this how everyone rides anyway? if not maybe they shouldnt be riding, shame this is called advanced!

  14. tyrekickingwetdreame says:

    one of the worse pieces of riding i have ever seen doesnt even know his left from his right very poor

  15. tokaijazz says:

    thats the way to ride. observation and anticipation is paramount to road safety. these basic rules should be drilled into ALL road users . thanks

  16. joepoidog says:

    Great video…but holy cow, he spent the entire ride on the wrong side of the road. (had a funny accent, too)

  17. Maxmetallika says:

    xcellent vid…post more with narrations

  18. learn2rideVIDEOS says:

    great video this!

    making great progress whilst remaing safe really is an artform that must be learned through consistent practice and it takes years of training to do- which this rider undoubtedly has.

    anyone watching thinking that this style of riding & commentary is easy to do, try and do it for an hour and half whilst riding perfectly with a traffic officer behind you for example on an advanced motorcycle test

    it will open your eyes!

    bikers need more videos like this on youtube, thanks

  19. Doubledig says:

    At traffic island: ‘No traffic coming in from the right’ – as looking left. ‘No traffic coming in from the left’ – as looking right. Sort out your left from right! Otherwise very good.

  20. hullnelly says:

    this is just common sense in practice. if you havent got common sense, you shouldnt be on the road

  21. jam691es says:

    Thanks Mike,

    Much appreciated that you took the time to do this.

  22. AmiralTurk says:

    Thank you ! Great video ! We want more !

  23. Deepurple88 says:

    Brilliant thanks

  24. BSonT says:

    Fantastic video, thank you.

  25. tqmania12 says:

    Very good video…thank you!

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